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Last update : Aug 27th 2012
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    Height : 604 m.
    GR : 3.44
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 32°55'35" (32.9266)S; 19°2'14" (19.0374)E - Elevation : 817 m.
landing : 32°55'34" (32.9263)S; 19°0'54" (19.0151)E - Elevation : 213 m.
Take off :
2 take off areas.

Nets laid down makes a clean area to launch

TO furthest South is a cliff launch.

There is an honesty box: R35-00 per day.
Landing :
At the bottom of TO next to the road.

Do not land where crops are growing - May to October

November - March you can land almost anywhere in the Valley
Going there :
Approx. 130 km outside Cape Town
N7 North out of Cape Town
Right at Piketberg towards Porterville
Left at T-juntion just outside Porterville
Right on dirt road signposted Dasklip
Right up the pass to Dasklip (tar road)
follow road around the back (dirt road)
1st dirt track on RHS takes you to an open areas that serves as a car park
Walk to the Face
Comments :
Recovery can be an issue as the dirt roads see little traffic.

Best months in terms of enjoyable flying are February and November. Competition and record months are December and January.

Site record is 173.2km flown by Anthony Allen 07 Jan 2011.
Weather hazards :
Winds can be very strong in afternoons over December and January; Sea breezes from the SW as well as from the NW.

It can get very hot in summer in the afternoons (usually high 30C's but gets to above 50C at least a few days in the year) - Always fly with water and a sun hat.

Speak to Locals
Flight regulation :

People to contact :

Parking : Takeoff parking gps : 32.9264 S, 19.0392 E
Landing parking gps : 32.9035 S, 19.0232 E
Website :
Tourism  : - Porterville is the closest town. Approx 8km to the South - Tulbagh is a very nice historic town 45 mins from Porterville for non flying day activities and good food
Site map :
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Out in Front
picture by paulp

Looking North
picture by paulp

North of the Main TO
picture by paulp

picture by taggi

TO (looking West)
picture by taggi

looking South
picture by taggi

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Take off : 32.9266 S; 19.0374 E
Landing : 32.9263 S; 19.0151 E
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 Leonardo flights [?] - Top ten Leonardo flights at a glance (our advice for a clearer view : view the map fullscreen, without showing tasks).
takeoff : Porterville (-32.9258; 19.0354), 0.21 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Wim Verhoeve 209.419 188.471 7:43:44 2016-01-10 View
Wim Verhoeve 183.182 171.216 5:20:54 2016-01-11 View
Nevil Hulett 178.577 100.151 5:14:14 2012-02-12 View
Peter Mauchan 172.481 162.939 6:21:0 2016-11-26 View
Ian Cowie 172.295 160.424 5:39:21 2016-11-26 View
Anthony Allen 147.324 84.408 5:54:10 2013-10-27 View
Stephan Kruger 122.089 52.58 4:53:17 2016-12-10 View
Peter Mauchan 158.722 148.289 4:46:42 2016-01-09 View
William Andrew 156.87 147.776 4:27:52 2015-11-14 View
Barry Pedersen 155.968 148.42 4:36:40 2011-01-06 View
Doc Hawkins 152.006 141.003 6:2:20 2016-11-26 View
Peter Mauchan 151.782 143.85 5:49:30 2012-12-12 View
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