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Last update : Mar 15th 2016
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    Height : 400 m.
    GR : 3.92
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 10°31'13" (10.5203)N; 123°19'26" (123.324)E - Elevation : 705 m.
landing : 10°30'33" (10.5093)N; 123°19'58" (123.333)E - Elevation : 305 m.
Take off : The take off area is fairly small due to the shape of the mountain, but if the wind is good, it should be safe. (See photos)

Landing :
There is a top landing option north of the take off location, and one passes on the way to launch site from the road.(see photos).

Bottom landing options are basically cultivated areas in the valley below. The easiest landing area I've found is marked on the map and there is a photo shown below.(Not easy to see from take off). However, this is quite a bit below the road and a bit of a climb out, but the farmer there is happy to help & carry the bag. There is a slop landing option just above the road almost due East of launch, but you need to be careful to stay clear of the trees.

Going there :
Punod is located on the mountain ridge on the highway from San Carlos to Bacolod. It's about 15km from San Carlos by road, and is well serviced by public transport (Ceres buses run about every 20 mins from San Carlos bus station and will stop wherever you want on the road).

From the highway, it is a 20 to 30 mins walk to the launch site. A bit of a climb but not too hard.

Sito Punod is in Brgy Prosperidad,San Carlos.
Comments : I would recommend you get one of the locals to show you the way up the hill. If you ask for Edgar Alvarez at Waddy's Place, he will guide you on how to get there, and knows the farmers etc.

Waddy's Place is a nice mountain lodge perched right on the ridge, north of the Launch site, and a good place to stay if you want to be based on the hill. Otherwise you can stay in San Carlos.

Weather hazards : This site is at around 2,300 ft above sea level, and can often suffer from showers if low cloud is coming over. Otherwise it is as one would expect from a tropical area: One must always keep an eye out for changing conditions.
Flight regulation : I have been told there are no formal regulations regarding free flying in the Philippines. There are no commercial airports nearby,so no worry about powered aircraft.
People to contact : Most of the paragliders in the Philippines are based in the Metro Manila. They have a Yahoo user group and you can contact them for general info on flying in the Philippines.

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Parking :
Website : not available
Tourism  : Good hiking area with spectacular views. Mount Canlaon (volcanic mountain) is to the SW of the site. It stands at just over 6,000 ft and you can trek to the top if you have the energy!
During summer months (March to June) there is whale and dolphin watching in the waters of Bais; approx 3 hour drive south of San Carlos.

There are also a number of beach resorts along the coast, in case the weather no good for flying.
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View of ridge from ferry
picture by toto

In front of launch
picture by toto

Looking East during flight
picture by toto

Flying North along the ridge
picture by toto

Launch area
picture by toto

Top landing area
picture by toto

View to launch from road below
picture by toto

Bottom landing zone
picture by toto

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picture by anonymous

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picture by founder

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Take off : 10.5203 N; 123.324 E
Landing : 10.5093 N; 123.333 E
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 Leonardo flights [ ?]
No flight available in a 25 km range. Closest flight in Leonardo is from Carmona Fly Site : 486.15 km away from Punod
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