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Last update : Mar 3rd 2012
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    Height : 201 m.
    GR : 5.77
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 30°34'9" (30.5693)N; 9°43'52" (9.73115)W - Elevation : 286 m.
landing : 30°33'47" (30.5631)N; 9°44'27" (9.74089)W - Elevation : 85 m.
Take off :

Take the earthroad to camping 'Terre D'Ocean'
in Taghazout ( 25km north of Agadir )
N30.56291 W9.74071

The takeoff is easy, but not realy big
the seabreeze can be strong
Landing :

You can land on the earthroad at the entrance of the campsite.
Or you can choose the beach ( verry big )
Going there :

Follow the earthroad behind the campsite for about 1km, then turn right, in te direction of Azezoul. Then take the first one to the right. you will need a 4x4.
You can park near the takeoff.

Or you can ask at the reception of the camping
Here you can also rent a 4x4 if you stay on the campsite.

Comments :

best time to fly here is from 15:00 until 18:00 ( then the seabreeze is at best ).

On the campsite you can also hire rooms, berber tents, and a lovely restaurant.
If you ask, maybe they can arrange some transport to the takeoff.
Weather hazards :

When there are a lot of white caps on the waves, then the wind is too strong.
(easy to see from takeoff )
Flight regulation :

People to contact :

Parking :
Website :
Tourism  :

Verry good campsite
Wave surfing.
Visiting Agadir
Site map :
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Takeoff Taghazout
picture by marten

picture by marten

picture by marten

Landing on the first beach
picture by marten

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picture by marten

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Take off : 30.5693 N; 9.73115 W
Landing : 30.5631 N; 9.74089 W
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