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Last update : Aug 24th 2016
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    Height : 540 m.
    GR : 4.56
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 20°12'56" (20.2156)S; 42°13'14" (42.2207)W - Elevation : 1200 m.
landing : 20°12'59" (20.2166)S; 42°14'39" (42.2443)W - Elevation : 660 m.
Take off :

Nice ample grassy slopes facing West to East.
Landing :
The main landing zone is like airplane field just in fornt of take off.
If you don't manage to catch any thermals there are many fields below the take off.
BUT: watch out for (hardly visible) power lines along dirt road/across (possible landing) fields!
Going there :
Call Rafael 'Caputira' and he will show you the way.
Comments :
Excellent starting point for XC.
Very warm local pilots.
Don't go if you don't want get fat because they will gone offer you a huge barbecue after your flight.
Weather hazards :
Be carefull with south wind..
Flight regulation :
none. just come and fly but talk with Rafael first, he is the owner of the land.
People to contact :
Rafael +55(33)98790236
Parking :
Website : not available
Tourism  :
small city but with simple hotels and restaurants

Site map :
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picture by MarconeCaputira

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Take off : 20.2156 S; 42.2207 W
Landing : 20.2166 S; 42.2443 W
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 Leonardo flights [ ?]
No flight available in a 25 km range. Closest flight in Leonardo is from Caputira : 0.09 km away from Rampa do Jorge S2 Fie
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