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Last update : Apr 23rd 2016
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    Height : 146 m.
    GR : 3.89
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 33°59'36" (33.9935)S; 22°33'35" (22.56)E - Elevation : 156 m.
landing : 33°59'45" (33.9961)S; 22°33'55" (22.5653)E - Elevation : 10 m.
Take off : A large grassy field 153m asl.
When the site is busy please prepare your gear on the flat ground under the telephone cable.
Check the wind direction on the Beach.
As the top of the field is on a large bowl.
Landing : Topland or on the beach East of Lentjies Klip Beware of sunbathers.
Before attempting to topland get a thorough briefing.
Going there : From the N2 go to Wilderness.
Look for the unused Wilderness Hotel.At the T Junction you will see signs for Map of Africa.Follow the signs for aproximately 5 km. up the Hill. Turn west into Remskoen Laan. The take off is indicated.
Please park perpendicular to the fence.
Leave the gate area open for Cloudbase School & emergency vehicles.
Comments : ALL pilots wishing to use the site have to register and pay online at before flying.
This site is controlled and maintained by Cloudbase Paragliding.
Students -a min 10 fliqhts is required before flying here
Please read the posted rules and regulations.
Call Cloudbase Paragliding for more info and weather updates.
follow us on Twitter @CloudbasePG
Please purchase the site guide from It has been excerpted here many times. Please support this excellent publication.
Weather hazards : Winds may tend to switch to an Easterly which is very turbulent and accompanied by loads of sink. The tree's have many victms.
Simlarly a SSW wind.
Flight regulation : It is compulsory to be a MAP JUMP CLUB member
The site falls within the George (GRJ) CTR.
Ceiling at 465m ASL.
As of October 2012 we have a 'glider Box' as long as we stay below 1500ftASL.
GRJ ATC number is 044 801 8808.
Refer to the site rules for the NO FlY zone over the house to the west Stay 40metres clear.
People to contact : REGISTER & PAY Membership on

www.Cloudbase-paragliding.... Jan Minnaar tel: 082 777 8474
we have a weather station on
Alternatively contact Cloudbase for weather and site advice.
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  : The village of Wilderness has plenty of good restuarants and Bed & breakfast establishments.
Cloudbase Paragliding offers accommodation or can put you in touch with decent B&B's. Try them first. This area is B&B all over. You are sure to find a place to you wallet. Try It is not commercial and gives you ALL the places to stay in South Africa. Note: Cloudbase also offers accomodation specifically for paragliders- they have recently updated rooms etc, so you may want to check them out.
Good Mountain biking, surfing; Kite surfing; canoeing and hiking within 30 mins drive.
Site map :
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Take off
picture by Jack Clark

Landing, how perfect!
picture by Jack Clark

Cloudbase Paragliding
picture by Jack Clark

Flying the Map
picture by pharmgal25

Launch -looking SE
picture by taggi

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picture by anonymous

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picture by anonymous

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picture by anonymous

 gps logs of flights from Map of Africa
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Take off : 33.9935 S; 22.56 E
Landing : 33.9961 S; 22.5653 E
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 Leonardo flights [?] - Top ten Leonardo flights at a glance (our advice for a clearer view : view the map fullscreen, without showing tasks).
takeoff : Map of Africa (-33.9935; 22.5599), 0.01 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Arjan de Kock 57.465 15.492 3:53:10 2013-12-29 View
Michael Baleta 40.173 17.497 4:16:57 2015-12-26 View
Dirk van der Thermal 37.192 15.564 3:46:47 2013-12-29 View
Michael Baleta 24.117 11.738 3:23:9 2014-12-31 View
Wally Hilder 27.98 9.172 1:10:55 2015-12-29 View
Wally Hilder 26.924 9.042 2:44:51 2013-12-29 View
Grové Steyn 22.894 5.889 2:26:28 2012-12-26 View
Grové Steyn 22.599 8.414 2:6:33 2008-12-31 View
Michael Baleta 21.441 8.138 3:16:5 2015-01-09 View
Michael Baleta 17.62 8.584 2:40:6 2014-12-29 View
Ianni Vamvadelis 18.467 7.77 1:4:56 2009-04-10 View
Dirk van der Thermal 15.284 4.395 1:25:6 2008-12-31 View
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by Jack Clark, 23/03/2008 : Jan and Khobi took this Paramotor pilot and made him a paraglider, all this along with great food, accomodation, location, company... the list goes on. Total stars!
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