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Last update : Nov 16th 2009
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    Height : 370 m.
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 28°7'9" (28.1192)S; 153°12'3" (153.201)E - Elevation : 530 m.
Take off : 530M altitude facing Easterly. The launch can get strong thermic gusts. Pilots must contact the Canungra Hang Gliding Club before flying. The well maintained launch is on private property beside a road and easy to access. Watch for other gliders face landing prior to take off. The site is flyable most afternoons during summer.
Power lines go from the left (North) of the launch down to the valley. They are clearly visible on one of the pictures of the launch.
A windsock is available at launch. There are toilets but no bins. There is no water available at launch or bombout so make sure you pack enough before you go for the walk back up the hill.
Landing : The bomb out area is 2.6km East of launch. There are two paddocks and you must get a local to point them out to you. The altitude difference between launch and bomb out is 370 m.
A windsock is available also at the bomb out.
In order to get back up the hill it is possible to be retrieved by car or to follow very top of the spur on the right hand side (South) of the launch. Both possibilities take about 1.5 hour. The beginning of the path back up the hill is shown on one of Ben's pictures.

There is top landing in the paddock behind the cricket oval and beside the Beechmont School.

There is also the possibility of face landing when the wind backs off.
Going there : The launch is on Beechmont Road beside Rosins Lookout at Beechmont. Beechmont Road runs off Springbrook-Nerang Road. Google maps can display Rosins Lookout.

The bombout is on pocket road that runs off Springbrook-Nerang Road. It is at least a 45 minute drive there from the launch.
Comments : Visiting pilot Site Fees: $10 per day or $30 for 10 days. Pay on the Canungra website.

This site and the other sites of the CHGC are maintained by the club and on private property. When visiting the area all pilots must abide by the Pilot Code of Conduct available on the website.
Weather hazards : Look for yourself but listen to the local pilots!!!!
Flight regulation : Must be a member of the HGFA Hang (Gliding Federation of Australia) and CHGC
People to contact : Canungra Hang Gliding Club
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  : Binna Burra Rainforest National Park.
Gold Coast Beaches.
Mt Tamborine.
Nice cafe at lower Beechmont
Site map :
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The path back up to launch
picture by ben_tehan

Matty Rosser (white) and Ben Tehan (Blue) getting low late in the afternoon.
picture by ben_tehan

picture by tweiers

Launch as seen from bombout
picture by tweiers

 gps logs of flights from Beechmont
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Take off : 28.1192 S; 153.201 E
Landing : not available
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takeoff : Beechmont launch (-28.1192; 153.201), 0 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Jan Tupy 247.851 238.56 7:40:18 2015-10-19 View
Jason Turner 227.819 192.438 7:35:20 2013-11-01 View
Jerry Furnell 222.955 217.362 7:55:10 2012-01-02 View
Jan Tupy 184.841 165.892 7:26:51 2015-10-20 View
Ashley McMillan 162.057 151.109 6:15:39 2014-12-22 View
brandon o'donnell 144.022 139.451 4:17:3 2007-03-18 View
Jerry Furnell 127.491 123.338 3:56:8 2014-01-12 View
Ashley McMillan 118.844 111.916 3:43:40 2015-09-13 View
Jason Turner 116.198 102.573 4:42:10 2012-09-15 View
Ashley McMillan 97.627 50.57 4:21:18 2015-08-15 View
William Robb 113.788 103.355 5:33:8 2013-10-09 View
Trent Brown 95.963 56.043 3:14:33 2011-10-21 View
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