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Last update : Jul 12th 2014
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    Height : 533 m.
    GR : 4.53
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 0°16'11" (0.269733)S; 78°30'26" (78.5075)W - Elevation : 3138 m.
landing : 0°16'33" (0.2761)S; 78°29'12" (78.4867)W - Elevation : 2605 m.
Take off :

Take-off along the road, accessible by car, bus or taxi.
sector 'The Forest' together 'Via Oriental' to the east direction
orientation of the takeoff to the east
Landing :

Official Landing
ground visible from the west off
Highway next to the Valley of the Chillos
in the middle of the field there is a red metal frame

There are some obstacles on the landing as a laying of power lines near the metal frame and cables landing on the south side of the landing

Going there :

Comments :
This area was the most flown by pilots of Quito, but each time fewer pilots flying here, the reason for this is that over time have been populating many of the landings alternative existed for the main landing there to have a good level approach to land short, much more with new gliders that have improved glide and speed, so not recommended for novice pilots flying here
Weather hazards :

The high-performance gliders can react violently by altitude takeoff
There is the possibility of formation of storm clouds mostly south of departure
In the months of July August and September can have wind gusts of more than 40kmh
Flight regulation :

Restricted to novice drivers, only with their instructors by the official landing distance,
Mandatory use of parachute and helmet
People to contact :

Centro de Vuelo Libre Ecuador 593+ 994699586 Ricardo Villacís
Club Halcones Parapente
CSD Halcones
Visit Facebook group Parapente Ecuador
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  :

Site map :
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Take off right next to the road!
picture by campuyol

The alternative top landing & groundhandling area.
picture by campuyol

Panoramic 180° view of the take off.
picture by campuyol

Sunset is nearing on a good afternoon laminar air!
picture by campuyol

The regular landing site down below.
picture by campuyol

Land Aproach Puengasi-Negritos, Wind SE 3-5 km/h
picture by cvl_ecuador

Land Aproach Puengasi-Negritos, Wind NE 3-5 km/h
picture by cvl_ecuador

Land Aproach Puengasi-Negritos, Wind N 3-5 km/h
picture by cvl_ecuador

 gps logs of flights from Puengasi
2 flights available
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 Videos, from youtube

Take off : 0.269733 S; 78.5075 W
Landing : 0.2761 S; 78.4867 W
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 Leonardo flights [?] - Top ten Leonardo flights at a glance (our advice for a clearer view : view the map fullscreen, without showing tasks).
takeoff : Puengasi (-0.266283; -78.5053), 0.45 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Joselin Lance 27.832 13.57 1:41:3 2009-03-08 View
Joselin Lance 28.255 25.71 1:2:18 2009-03-14 View
Juan Garcia 28.252 24.117 1:12:25 2009-05-16 View
Juan Carrera 24.481 17.091 1:58:2 2011-03-27 View
Ricardo Villacis 20.691 9.871 1:30:1 2009-03-08 View
Juan Garcia 19.423 9.172 1:44:22 2009-03-08 View
Fabian Perez 22.359 16.375 1:28:23 2006-10-21 View
Juan Garcia 16.996 7.983 1:36:36 2009-03-07 View
Juan Carrera 15.629 8.444 1:33:9 2011-04-30 View
Juan Carrera 15.335 8.113 1:18:9 2011-03-05 View
Juan Carrera 17.454 11.709 1:39:48 2011-03-07 View
Ivanov Granja 14.463 12.41 0:40:3 2008-04-06 View
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