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Last update : Jul 29th 2006
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    Height : 1350 m.
    GR : 5.45
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 33°42'32" (33.7089)N; 117°32'5" (117.535)W - Elevation : 1708 m.
landing : 33°39'17" (33.6549)N; 117°34'51" (117.581)W - Elevation : 358 m.
Take off : Flat and typically in wind shadow so you need good forward launching skills. A freind broke lines on 2 wings trying to launch and gave up.
Landing : There may be people playing in the baseball field LZ. I landed there with others one day with active games and we were cheered on, but reaction may depend on the mood of the crowd.
Going there : na.
Comments : Check that the gates to the road going up will be open. Something about protected toads when it is their mating season or something.

Gavin Swain writes...
There are two roads to launch. One is Main Divide from the 74 (just turn the other way instead of going to the E), the other leads up from Silverado (the gate is often closed so it's worth checking beforehand). I've only
been up from the 74 but believe that both roads require 4WD. About 1+ hr from the 74 or 45+ mins from Silverado. Santiago launch faces SW into the Trabuco Canyon wash and I think somebody told me that there's a second launch at Modjeska Peak that faces more W. Don't know whether the site works well or the legalities of launching there and/or landing in the wash. Way too long of a turnaround to bother flying there on any kind of regular basis but might be fun for the novelty. On the other hand why go through all that effort when you can launch Elsinore and FLY there?!
Weather hazards : na.
Flight regulation : na.
People to contact : na.
Parking :
Website : not available
Tourism  : na.
Site map :
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Jerome Daoust doing a forward launch.
picture by Jerome Daoust

Jerome Daoust clearing the rocks at the end of the flat launch.
picture by Jerome Daoust

City of Rancho Santa Margarita. Picture by Jerome Daoust.
picture by Jerome Daoust

Looking back at the mountain. Picture by Jerome Daoust.
picture by Jerome Daoust

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Take off : 33.7089 N; 117.535 W
Landing : 33.6549 N; 117.581 W
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takeoff : Elsinore -CA (33.63; -117.371), 17.52 km from this takeoff
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chris cote 108.63 84.544 4:43:30 2016-08-28 View
joe rodriguez 108.185 69.113 5:41:48 2016-09-30 View
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Steve Rohrbaugh 89.762 74.535 4:8:58 2012-04-28 View
jeff williams 88.114 63.709 4:41:4 2014-09-06 View
chris cote 86.985 71.408 4:6:12 2016-08-21 View
joe rodriguez 86.379 63.002 4:26:39 2015-06-07 View
Jason Kinch 86.345 55.069 5:7:4 2013-05-12 View
joe rodriguez 82.605 73.868 4:33:0 2016-04-18 View
joe rodriguez 82.384 54.506 3:57:40 2016-07-19 View
Russ Detwiler 80.964 59.017 3:17:51 2014-09-13 View
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