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Last update : Nov 21st 2009
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    Height : 1 m.
    GR : 2912.05
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 45°42'16" (45.7047)N; 18°47'31" (18.7921)E - Elevation : 78 m.
landing : 45°43'51" (45.7309)N; 18°47'27" (18.7911)E - Elevation : 77 m.
Take off : Minor road, lenght 2.000 m for N-W direction and 2.200 m for W-E.
Landing : Agrofild near road, or small Agrocultuar airport.
Going there : With car !
Comments : Flying with tow winching or getting to small mounting ' Bandenitz ' for NW direction . AGL 104 m !
Weather hazards : No ! Very potencial termal flying on May-July , altitude can be up to 3.000 m AGL . Landing places is every around , saftey beacuse is flat terrain . Local XC record is 70 km , national 117 km .
Flight regulation : Flying on Airport Osijek needed NOTAM but its not problem if you contact local leader Ivan Moro-Morelli.
People to contact : Ivan Moro - Morelli , ETO-Osijek
( ) , or tel nuber +385-91-9321-350 .
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  : We can wisit many paragliding flying places around 100 miles ! Most flying we doing on winch ! Sleeping , food and transport is no problem! We can organizirate visit to nacinal park ' Kopacki rit ' , visiti to vine road and agroculture gouest house with excellent tradicional food . Also , you can visit our Adriatic sea ( 350 miles ) traveling by car , train or airplanes ! Capital city Zagreb is far 200 miles of Osijek .
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 Pros on Mirkovac

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 Clubs on Mirkovac
Baranja over sports airport
picture by Morelli

Tow winch over sport airport Osijek
picture by Morelli

Tow winch on road in Baranya
picture by Morelli

Morelli over Slavonia
picture by Morelli

Tow winch our pride !
picture by Morelli

Flight in midnight
picture by Morelli

Towwinch by ETO
picture by Morelli

Payout systems by Towing systems
picture by Morelli

Over Osijek town
picture by Morelli

Sports airport when we
picture by Morelli

Tow Winch
picture by Morelli

Near border mounting
picture by Morelli

Start on winch-Mirkovac
picture by Morelli

Road to winch N-S 2.000 m
picture by Morelli

local agroculture airport(no function)
picture by Morelli

Morelli tandem
picture by Morelli

XC flying from Mirkovac to town Osijek
picture by Morelli

 gps logs of flights from Mirkovac
1 flight available
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 Videos, from youtube

Take off : 45.7047 N; 18.7921 E
Landing : 45.7309 N; 18.7911 E
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 Leonardo flights [ ?]
No flight available in a 25 km range. Closest flight in Leonardo is from Hungaroring : 33.98 km away from Mirkovac
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by Morelli, 31/12/2007 : Slavonija , area in Croatia , flatland , good potencial for XC flying ! We except pilot to visit us , and we flying to the sky ! Good eating and drinking , vine and fish , sound of guitar ! ETO team have lots of expirience with winching ! Visit us !
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